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The Brand


Anaqa was conceptualised to address the growing demand of costume jewellery and in the one year since its launch, it has been determinedly scaling the charts. This meteoric success can only be attributed to the diligent professionals that work behind the scenes. The founder siblings, Nishant and Aashna Tulsiani, head the venture along with a dedicated team of executives and talented craftsmen. Their tireless efforts have brought Anaqa to where it is today–a promising entity at the brink of bigger and better success stories.


With the firm belief that occasions, preferences and styles are no bar when it comes to statement pieces of wearable art, Anaqa brings to you a royal mélange of faux jewellery that speaks a distinctive language of grace and style. Designed for the modern women of today, the brand presents handcrafted modern pieces that are easy on the eyes as well as the pocket. From elongated earrings and elaborate necklaces apt for destination wedding goers to dainty, everyday wear accessories for stylish millenials, Anaqa ensures to leave no stone unturned. Crafted with intricacy and without compromising on quality, the brand’s fuss-free creations make an effortless style statement, irrespective of the season, time or destination.


The inception of Anaqa can be traced to the culmination of a vision that the founders had in 2016. Siblings Aashna and Nishant wanted to create a jewellery brand that evoked grace and style, and thus was born ‘Anaqa’ – which means elegance in Arabic. When starting Anaqa from scratch, coming from a jewellery background proved to be a hurdle, initially, for Aashna and Nishant. Their family had been in the fine jewellery business for six decades, and even with a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from the UK, branching out was unthinkable. However, the siblings chose to capitalise on the rise in demand for costume jewellery and were determined to see their idea through. With a fair amount of convincing, they left behind a 60-year-old legacy to start one of their own. By the January of 2017, they had begun executing their vision and in just over three months, launched Anaqa on 8th April, 2017. In the short span since its launch, Anaqa has already made its mark in the market, with celebrities sporting the label at several high-profile events. The story of Anaqa, thus, has just begun.